Using Reiki to Manage Pain: Two Canadian Studies Pioneer Reiki Medical Research

Karin Olson, a Registered Nurse and Ph.D., has coordinated two studies of Reiki’s effect on cancer pain. Results of the pilot study were published in Volume 1, Number 2 of the journal, Cancer Prevention and Control, in 1997. A manuscript   [Read more…]


The Sounds of Silence

Look for silent retreats on the Internet and you’ll find hundreds—Catholic, Vedanta, men’s, Lutheran, Buddhist, women’s, Quaker. It appears that every spiritual tradition encourages us to be still for a time, to quiet the endless chatter   [Read more…]


Community Reiki Clinics

by Barbara McDaniel

In the far northeast corner of the United States, New England is known for its rugged coastline and harsh winters. It’s a [Read more…]