A Little Slice of Heaven

Last October, one of my Reiki clients died. I first treated Jeannie (I’ve changed her name) the previous February, as she was recovering from ovarian cancer. By May, she was so happy with her Reiki treatments that she took First   [Read more…]


What the Doctor Ordered: Reiki in Hospitals

“I envision a health care environment in which healing is as valued as cure, and the care of the entire health care staff and patient’s family is as important as the care of the patient.”   [Read more…]


A Poignant Reminder

The names in this story have been changed.

My Reiki practice is primarily hands-on. My viewpoint is that physical treatment is always preferable if it’s possible. But sometimes, distant treatment is the only way we have to offer Reiki.   [Read more…]


Reiki Me!

Some months ago I was teaching a First Degree Reiki class. That very first evening, I said it would be fine for students to start putting their hands on friends or family members if they had the opportunity. Among the participants was a mom   [Read more…]