Precious Friend

I spent two days last week with my closest friend in college. I hadn’t seen her in thirty-some years. Sitting across the table from her, I thought, “No wonder this person was so dear to me.” On the long drive home I was reflecting   [Read more…]


Reiki Is for Everyone

In every First Degree class, Hawayo Takata emphasized that Reiki was meant for everyone and was compatible with all religions and spiritual practices. She pointed out that Reiki had no specific dogma, only five   [Read more…]


Can I Pick Things Up from Other People?

Over the last month, several people have asked me whether you can absorb or take on the illness or emotional state of someone you’re treating. This question becomes more pressing as we start treating a variety of   [Read more…]


Does Reiki Really Work?

I bet virtually every one of you has asked yourself that question at some point. I know I have.

Within a span of two days, two students stopped by my office. The first one had been treating her nephew. She   [Read more…]


Why Get Treatment?

I was recently teaching a First Degree class. On the second day, one of the students asked, “If we can treat ourselves with Reiki, why would we have someone else treat us?”   [Read more…]


What Keeps You Coming Back

What Keeps You Coming Back by Susan Mitchell

If you do Reiki or you’ve had a treatment, you know how hard it can be to describe what you feel, what   [Read more…]