How This Works

The radical principle that propels all healing:

Your basic nature is to be healthy.

When you cut your finger, it heals naturally. Your body is constantly working to heal itself, no matter what.

So are your heart and mind—they’re deliberately seeking happiness. Every single thing you do is a reaching out for peace or happiness and a turning away from discomfort.

When you’re sick or upset, it drains your energy. On the other side of the coin, depleted energy opens the door to illness or emotional/mental disturbance, making it more difficult for your body and being to self-correct.

To begin to feel better, you need to help your body and mind do what it’s already trying to do by increasing your vitality.

The more whole and peaceful you are, the greater your natural vitality. When you feel whole and healthy, vital and peaceful, you naturally reach out in loving kindness to the people around you. Now it’s not just your body or mental state that’s affected. You’ve improved your whole immediate world.

Keys to vitality.
These healing elements come together in Reiki.

Touch. Since the beginning of time, human touch has been a powerful healing agent. Caring, appropriate touch is vital to human health and is especially healing when you’re in pain.

Harmony and Balance. You are an integrated whole of interconnected parts. Your symptoms don’t stand alone as distinct and separate from the rest of your being. Treating the whole kit and caboodle of you, not just your symptoms, balances your body, heart, mind, and spirit. When these are in harmony, you feel a whole lot better.

Reiki Natural Healing is a gentle touch therapy that draws on universal life energy to induce deep rest and replenish your vital energy. By placing our hands on specific points on your clothed body, your whole being is refreshed and restored, not just your symptoms. A Reiki treatment naturally supports your movement toward greater health.

I have chronic fatigue due to HIV disease and have used Reiki self-treatments just about everyday (often several times per day!). Since taking the First Degree Reiki course, my life has taken on a whole new meaning. I no longer feel that I have nothing to offer people. I knew I had low self-esteem, but I had no idea how much this would improve having Reiki in my life. It has helped me way beyond my expectations, I have been able to lead a more complete life without fear of getting sick due to over-exhaustion, which was a common problem for me prior to having Reiki.

–Greg Colucci, Seattle, WA

What is Reiki?

The word “Reiki” (ray – key) is Japanese for “universal life energy,” the energy found in all life. The Usui System of Reiki Healing applies this energy through gentle touch for the purpose of healing. This healing method was developed in Japan about a hundred years ago, born out of an age-old awareness of the subtle energies that make up the material world. It began as a kind of folk art, but Reiki is increasingly used in hospitals, hospices, and clinics to reduce pain, accelerate healing, and relieve emotional disress.

OK, you’re thinking. This is making sense. Now what?

We recommend these next steps:

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