Precious Friend

I spent two days last week with my closest friend in college. I hadn’t seen her in thirty-some years. Sitting across the table from her, I thought, “No wonder this person was so dear to me.” On the long drive home I was reflecting   [Read more…]


The Kindness of Strangers

My husband made us dinner a few nights ago. When I sat down, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty and bounty at our small table. The brilliance in the colors of the food—reds, yellows, shades of green, oranges—were such a contrast   [Read more…]


Reiki Is for Everyone

In every First Degree class, Hawayo Takata emphasized that Reiki was meant for everyone and was compatible with all religions and spiritual practices. She pointed out that Reiki had no specific dogma, only five   [Read more…]


Paul’s Letter to the Catholic Bishops

Response to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops on Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy   [Read more…]


A Light Heart

Lately, I’ve been hearing Hawayo Takata’s voice in my ear. She always said, “Reiki brings us health, success, happiness, and long life.” When she talked about these qualities, her voice held a wonderful lightness and wisdom. Part of the   [Read more…]


Can I Pick Things Up from Other People?

Over the last month, several people have asked me whether you can absorb or take on the illness or emotional state of someone you’re treating. This question becomes more pressing as we start treating a variety of   [Read more…]


A Little Slice of Heaven

Last October, one of my Reiki clients died. I first treated Jeannie (I’ve changed her name) the previous February, as she was recovering from ovarian cancer. By May, she was so happy with her Reiki treatments that she took First   [Read more…]


What the Doctor Ordered: Reiki in Hospitals

“I envision a health care environment in which healing is as valued as cure, and the care of the entire health care staff and patient’s family is as important as the care of the patient.”   [Read more…]


Using Reiki to Manage Pain: Two Canadian Studies Pioneer Reiki Medical Research

Karin Olson, a Registered Nurse and Ph.D., has coordinated two studies of Reiki’s effect on cancer pain. Results of the pilot study were published in Volume 1, Number 2 of the journal, Cancer Prevention and Control, in 1997. A manuscript   [Read more…]


The Sounds of Silence

Look for silent retreats on the Internet and you’ll find hundreds—Catholic, Vedanta, men’s, Lutheran, Buddhist, women’s, Quaker. It appears that every spiritual tradition encourages us to be still for a time, to quiet the endless chatter   [Read more…]