For Reiki people who love the energy and love the company and need more

Sometimes after a Reiki class you long to return to that feeling of safety, of being heard, that inexplicable feeling of total acceptance when you’re practicing Reiki with others, even total strangers.

Some people find that personal growth and spiritual development occur safely and naturally in a Reiki environment. To help you experience that warm sense of community, we offer several residential retreats and workshops throughout the year. Our own special offerings are listed below. For other regional events, check our Calendar or the Resources section of this web site.

Retreats and Workshop

Illuminating the Path: Our Spiritual Life in Reiki

with Paul Mitchell and Laurence Fontaine

September 24-28, 2004

Were you brought up in a religious family that carried a vision of the meaning of life? Or were you brought up outside a religious context and relied on your greater culture for your life’s vision?

Have you stepped out and “gone it alone” to define your own ‘Big Story’ that gives integration to your life, or has it not come up as a question?

Was there pain, loss, or confusion in your upbringing around this question?

Did Reiki become your anchor, your connection with Transcendence, with Spirit?

Using Constellation Work, Reiki, exercises, sharing, and guided meditation, we will explore our soul’s longing
for a clear sense of place.

This four-day workshop, held at Mountain View Retreat House in Cataldo, Idaho, begins with dinner Wednesday evening, September 24 at 6:00 p.m., and ends at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday September 28th.

Cost of $650* (US): includes meals and lodging (double occupancy). $625 for registration using cash or check.

To register: Contact Ellen Montague,

Reiki Circles

Reiki circles everywhere meet regularly for people to exchange treatments. Check our Calendar for Reiki Circle dates in Coeur d’Alene and Cataldo, Idaho. For a Reiki circle near you, click here. If you’d like to have your Reiki circle listed, click here to send us your information. We’d like to be your resource. Wherever you practice.

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