Caring for Others

Reiki practice gives us a simple way to help others and a way to express our care, compassion and love for those dear to us—partners, family, friends—and sometimes even the stranger.

A Poignant Reminder

My Reiki practice is primarily hands-on. My viewpoint is that physical treatment is always preferable if it’s possible. But sometimes, distant treatment is the only way we have to offer Reiki.  

Reiki Me!

Some months ago I was teaching a First Degree Reiki class. That very first evening, I said it would be fine for students to start putting their hands on friends or family members if they had the [...]

Reach Out

I ran into a young friend I’ll call Alice at the market on Saturday. As we chatted, she volunteered, “I’m going to see Sally this afternoon. She’s so sad. Her kitty is [...]