Living the Practice

Living the practice leads to learning about Reiki through actual felt experience. Questions and insights arise organically as we treat ourselves and others. Take a peek at these stories. Maybe you’re pondering similar questions.

All Reiki, All the Time

Hawayo Takata is on my mind. I’m thinking about the way Reiki wove through her; it was the very fiber of her being. I want that level of integration. This takes practice, and practice is not [...]

My Teacher’s Voice

“Let Reiki teach you.” Hawayo Takata said it in different ways, and it’s one of the phrases I heard her say most often. Even today, next to “Reiki on, Reiki off,” I’m sure it’s the most [...]

The Spoken Word

Why not learn Reiki by reading a manual, surfing the net, or watching a video? The written word is an intrinsic part of virtually every culture on earth. And there is no denying that technology [...]

Vast Mission

“It may prove true that a single collective directed thought is all it takes to change the world.”
– Lynne McTaggart Trust me, I am no scientist, but I am fascinated by the work Lynne McTaggart [...]

Changing the Tide

Remember Hawayo Takata lying on the operating table in Tokyo in 1935 about to have her appendix, gallstones, and an abdominal tumor removed? She suddenly heard a voice, “The surgery is not [...]

What a Reiki Teacher Says

“What a Reiki teacher says, those specific words and the place where they come from, make all the difference in the world. Let me repeat it: they make all the difference in the world.” Jaime Kim [...]

Precious Friend

I spent two days last week with my closest friend in college. I hadn’t seen her in thirty-some years. Sitting across the table from her, I thought, “No wonder this person was so dear to me.” On [...]

Reiki Is for Everyone

In every First Degree class, Hawayo Takata emphasized that Reiki was meant for everyone and was compatible with all religions and spiritual practices. She pointed out that Reiki had no specific [...]

Not Sick. Reaction

Most of you probably know of Hawayo Takata. She was the woman who brought Reiki to the West from Japan. I had the good fortune to learn First and Second Degree Reiki from her in San Francisco in [...]

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