Second Degree Classes

Second Degree Classes

You just love Reiki

You use First Degree Reiki all the time—treating yourself, family, and friends—and long for more.

You know someone who needs your help but distance makes it impossible to be with them.

You want to build a Reiki practice or offer treatment in hospice, your local hospital, or cancer center.

If you’ve practiced Reiki for more than six months and feel like this is you, Second Degree may be your next step.

It’s important to understand that the First Degree class is all you need for treating yourself and your family and friends. With Reiki, more really isn’t necessary or better. You have endless possibilities for learning just by putting your hands on yourself and other people. And, as you already know, opportunities abound.

But if Reiki is becoming a focus in your life and you’re propelled to learn more, Second Degree can broaden the scope of your practice.

The First Degree provided me with a way to help myself and others (including plants and animals!). I used it on colleagues during an accident, my family dog after surgery, myself when stressed or ill, and so on. With the Second Degree there were many other ways that I could help myself and others—it was markedly more advanced in the results.

–P.H., Bellingham, WA

Deeper commitment

The Japanese name for Second Degree is oku-den, which means deeper knowing. Second Degree is for students who wish to cultivate a relationship with the energy of Reiki as a part of your spiritual development. In the traditional system of Usui Shiki Ryoho that Paul and Susan practice, Second Degree requires a deeper commitment of time, heart, and resources.

What you will learn

You’ll learn to use three symbols to focus the Reiki energy, treat mental and emotional conditions, and give distant treatment—treating people who are not physically with you. But, more importantly, Second Degree will deepen your relationship with your practice of Reiki.

How you will learn it:

  • Actual class time is 10-12 hours usually spread over a weekend to allow time for integration.
  • Class includes plenty of in-class practice and post-class follow-up.
  • Classes are scheduled when students request them.

A $100.00 deposit is required to schedule a class, and the class cost is $500. We offer classes regularly in North Idaho. Other locations can be arranged, depending on circumstances.

Call us at 208.512.1524 or complete the form at the bottom of this page to start the conversation about exploring Second Degree.


First Degree Reiki training.
A minimum of six-months of First Degree practice—regular self-treatment and some experience treating others.
Personal contact or conversation with Susan or Paul.

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