Love from Our Clients and Students

Susan and Paul Mitchell are two of the most qualified people teaching and practicing Reiki today.  Both Susan and Paul have more than thirty years of committed practice, consistently treating with Reiki and teaching the Usui System as they learned it from their teachers, Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Furumoto.  Anyone receiving Reiki treatment or training from Susan or Paul is fortunate—they have received the best!

~ Claudia Callan, Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, Seattle WA

I think everyone with cancer should do Reiki. You take all the standard treatments: surgery, chemo, radiation, and then you have Reiki. Reiki helps you recover from what’s been done to you. That’s why I came to Susan—so I could heal and go forward from here.

~ Carolyn Lenhard, Wallace, ID

As a realtor, my job is to help my clients through the real estate process. This is an emotional and stressful time for them. Managing my business and the needs of my clients, I struggle to deal with my own stress and finding ways to slow down and relax. After a friend told me about Reiki, it took a leap of faith for me to go for the first treatment. I’m glad I did. It’s emotional and physical healing. It’s like an hour and a half long hug. It’s soothing, like having your mother pat you to sleep. I always come away renewed and full of energy!

~ John Orr, Spokane, WA

At the age of one year, my Sheltie Scotty was troubled by severe hip dysplasia and other joint pains. It took only the first Reiki treatment for me to see a change in him. After only three treatments, not only did his body move more easily, but his depression lifted as well. Over the course of weekly Reiki treatments, he quickly became a happy and bouncing pup again. With continued treatments he has remained a happy dog, in spite of his health challenges. Reiki did not remove his physical body’s imperfections, but it did give him the power to rise above those inconveniences.

~ Judy Weir, Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

I had chronic hip problems for years.  Since my relatives have had hip replacements, many of them when they were in their 50s, I was afraid I was headed for it.  On the advice of my step daughter, I went to Susan for three Reiki sessions in three weeks.  By the end of it, my hip pain was gone.  I could stand up without fear of falling and lie down to sleep and find a comfortable position.  It has been great to walk, sit, or stand and have no—I mean no!—hip pain after a lifetime of hurting.

~ Anne Brown, Spokane, WA

I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my right upper arm and shoulder. This injury went on for almost 9 months—physiotherapy and my conscientious practice of the exercises given did not seem to have any effect on the pain and lack of mobility. Four Reiki sessions in a row brought relief; the pain subsided and mobility returned over the next several days. The sessions also pointed to the source of the injury, which was not physical but emotional and psychological.

~ Dallas Becker, Edmonton, AB, Canada

At the time I was having a TMJ (tempromandibular joint) episode.  I was about 70% into having my jaw lock closed.  All of the muscles in my head had “shrunk” and were pulling so hard my teeth hurt.  The headache from the pressure was beyond any migraine I had ever had.  My ears were ringing loud enough so that I could hardly hear.  I could not open my mouth wide enough to fit the tip of my little finger between my teeth.  Eating was a challenge – only soft foods.

I went for an afternoon to learn about Reiki.  We listened to the story of Mikao Usui and what Reiki is.  Part of the afternoon included a 20-minute Reiki treatment. I had a really hard time relaxing into the treatment.  I did not notice much difference afterward, except that I had a hard time sitting still.

However, when it was time to head for home, I had to do it on “autopilot.”  I got home safely and was in bed sound asleep by 7 pm.  I awoke the next morning from the deepest, soundest sleep I have ever experienced!  And guess what?  All my symptoms were gone!  The headache, the ringing in my ears, the muscles in my head had relaxed, I could eat!  Just in case that wasn’t enough, I was so relaxed and happy, that for four days no one could “push my buttons!

~ Cassandra Pike, Seattle, WA

I was at my mother-in-law’s bedside as she was dying and she asked to have her socks removed from her feet. After I removed her socks, I gently placed my hands on the soles of her feet and after about twenty minutes she fell asleep, more peaceful than she had been for many days. I am humbled by the powerful, healing energy force that Reiki invites, and I will always be so thankful to have had the teaching passed on to me.

~ Kim Friedman, Seattle, WA

In the beginning, my intention was to receive optimal health and to treat my minor depression. The first change I noticed was that I slept so much better if I gave myself a treatment in the evening. Gradually, my mood lifted and I was able to wean myself off anti-depressants. The changes of regular daily practice were subtle. For a while I didn’t think I was receiving any significant improvement. Then, after a year, I realized I was no longer the timid, withdrawn woman who lacked confidence to stand on her own two feet. I had become stronger, not only physically, but also emotionally, and mentally. My friends began to remark that I had changed since the previous year. I remember sitting in amazement one day, realizing that I had broken the bonds that held me back. I was free. Reiki had given me courage. There was no other explanation for my transformation.

~ Judy Weir, Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

The First Degree provided me with a way to help myself and others (including plants and animals!). I used it on colleagues during an accident, my family dog after surgery, myself when stressed or ill, and so on. With the Second Degree there were many other ways that I could help myself and others—it was markedly more advanced in the results.

~ P.H., Bellingham, WA

Since taking Second Degree, I find that Reiki is such a part of my life that I can’t imagine a day without it. Now I feel that there is no longer a line between Reiki and my daily life. The two have merged and I am happier for it.

~ Reg Nugent, Edmonton, AB, Canada

I am an ovarian cancer patient. I was diagnosed three and a half years ago. My initial chemo treatments were pretty harsh. I was introduced to Reiki and found it really helped me to relax and feel renewed. This (the treatments) was a time when quiet music and loving hands took my mind off everything! It even helped the nausea.

~ Jerene Nelson, Post Falls, ID

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went into surgery about a month later with my husband and Susan Mitchell by my side, giving me Reiki every step of the way. I had a lumpectomy, but needed to do chemotherapy and radiation as well. Again Susan and my husband treated me during and after each of the three rounds.

When it came time for radiation, I treated myself daily after each radiation treatment. Susan treated me regularly during that six-week time frame. My neighbor who has Reiki also treated me each morning during the entire period of surgery, chemo and radiation recovery. On weekends my sisters took over for my neighbor. During this whole time I felt pretty good.

Dr. Davenport’s comment as I finished radiation was “We would like to see all our patients finish in such great shape as you have.” I attribute my healing to the wonderful power of Reiki and to the dedication of my friends and family! I am now cancer free and feeling great!

~ Sherri Mitchell, Sagle, ID

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was treated with surgery to remove my thyroid. After surgery, it was necessary to receive radiation treatments for the remaining cancer cells on my trachea. At the end of this eight-week, five-days-a-week treatment, I was left with very little voice and was very fatigued. As I started to mend, I felt that I needed not to be “just recovering,” but to be active in my recovery.

Ten months later, I heard about Reiki and, at the same time, met Susan Mitchell. Receiving Reiki has made a difference in my life—in my physical recovery and in my attitude toward my illness. Radiation has left me thus far cancer free, but it also did some damage to my throat. I credit my Reiki treatments and my spiritual walk with God for being able to recover and live life with the expectation to remain cancer-free and to find adventure around every corner.

~ Carolyn Lenhard, Wallace, ID

I was originally diagnosed with ovarian cancer that has now metastacized. I started receiving weekly Reiki treatments two months ago. The treatments give me a sense of calm in the midst of everything I’m going through: the cancer, the pain, the chemo. The further I get into the cancer treatment, the more I look forward to Reiki. Everything has gotten so stressful. My body’s changing just about every day. But when I get Reiki, I can totally relax—no phone, no demands, no one to relate to. I don’t have to worry about comfort levels. It’s my time not to hurt and not to worry. It’s like going to heaven for a little while.

~ Jodi Warren, Post Falls