The Principles

The Reiki Principles seem deceptively simple, yet the more we reflect on our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, we see they’re not so easy to realize.

Most Perfect Teacher

I spend a lot of time with my mom these days. She’s old, in her nineties, and growing fragile in body and mind. Caring for her is many things: tender, sad, joyful, frustrating, humorous. This [...]

A Light Heart

Lately, I’ve been hearing Hawayo Takata’s voice in my ear. She always said, “Reiki brings us health, success, happiness, and long life.” When she talked about these qualities, her voice held a [...]

Just Fix It!

Fix me. Fix them. Fix it. Whatever the problem is, just fix it as soon and as quickly as possible. I don’t know exactly when or where that seed was planted in my own psyche but it runs deep and [...]