Dear Friends,

Your Reiki practice is under threat. Did you know that?

What’s Happening

Since February, three states have introduced or enacted legislation that affects Reiki and the National Certification Council of Energy Practitioners (NCCOEP) announced it is introducing legislation in eight states this year.

Rita Glassman, Christopher Tellez and I, along with lots of support from friends, are spearheading a national movement to protect Reiki practice from licensing. We’ve created an organization and website—Reiki Unified and—to support you.

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How You Can Help NOW

The greatest threats at the moment are in Massachusetts and Oregon. When bills start passing, other states follow.

If the Massachusetts bill licensing Reiki practice and other holistic modalities passes—

      • You’ll no longer be able to practice the way you were trained; you’ll have to practice according to state mandate, whatever the state determines Reiki practice to be.
      • You’ll need additional and continuing coursework to get and keep a license to practice.
      • If you teach Reiki, your classes must be approved by the state. The cost of licensing your curriculum is in excess of $7,000. This is in addition to the cost of your license to practice Reiki.
      • If you practice or teach Reiki without a license, you can legally be fined and/or imprisoned.

Sign this petition now to oppose the bill:

Every signature will be sent to each member of the Joint Committee. We need a minimum of 10,000 signatures to make an impact on the legislature.

No matter where you live—in the US and beyond—please sign the petition and share the link with all your family, friends, clients and students. We have to stop this bill.

For updates on the MA legislation and other proposed licensing legislation around the country, visit and sign up for our mailing list.

Thank you so much for your support!

In community and heart,